Hotstickybun has been helping publish content about Kodi, addons, plugins, tutorials, VPN’s and much more for over 5 years. Throughout the time we’ve continued to grow at a steady rate and have recieved invitations from multiple authors looking to contribute to our website looking to share their interest and knowledge in Kodi. Up until now we’ve turned them away but no longer!

We are actively seeking authors who can develop and create the most interesting, in depth and useful Kodi guides on the latest addons, builds, etc. Our websites sole focus is on Kodi but we also provide a lot of information on how to protect yourself through the use of VPN’s. Content should be geared towards either Kodi or VPN’s or combine the two.

In order to help potential authors spread there message and expertise we offer a variety of ways you can promote your content on our website.

Write For Us With A Free Guest Post

Looking to share your content with our visitors? The easiest way is to do so by submitting a guest post to our website. As Kodi is an open source platform so to is our guest posting. Some sites may charge you for it but our guide based posts are free and will always be free. We understand why people guest post…we’re marketers ourselves so we offer up one do follow link back to your website as long as it meets our quality guidelines.

Your guest post should be some form of informative content about anything Kodi, Kodi gadgets, VPN’s or reviews based on addons/plugins.

When submitting to Hotstickybun below please pitch us your topic. If we approve it please submit the relevant article with photos, infographics, diagrams etc.

If your article is more promotional towards a product or service you can submit a sponsored post to us. We accept sponsored posts and promotional review style articles at a cost of $50 per post. We will add it to our front page and keep it pinned there for two weeks but will also provide additional site call outs throughout the sidebar and from other site promotion techniques.

Contacting Us

Want to get started with your Kodi guest post? Fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get in touch with you within 48 hours.