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IPVanish provides a reliable and easy to use VPN experience for any user of Kodi. It's capable to be installed on almost all popular devices we talk about when recommending a media player for use with Kodi. On top of that, it's price is one of the industries best. (Currently 25% off)

Best For Kodi Because:
  • Easy: One of the first VPN companies to provide multiple apps and platforms to install their client on.
  • Secure: Secure, strong and fully encrypted with everything you'd expect from a VPN.
  • P2P Capable: Fully protected if you're using P2P or Torrent streaming addons within Kodi.
  • Affordable: It's not the cheapest but it's damn close and their always announcing deals.
  • Apps: Name your device and chances are there is either an app that can be installed or at the very least a guide on how to do it.


IPVanish For Kodi Review

IPVanish is one of the largely promoted VPN’s on the internet thanks to its great marketing team within their company. That being said, just because it’s widely promoted doesn’t always necessarily make it the best solution as a VPN provider for Kodi. Thankfully though, while widely promoted it still provides a consistent and stable solution for users looking for a VPN to use with Kodi.

Through the past few months, we’ve had the chance to use IPVanish on a regular basis using it with third-party addons and premium sports addon with Kodi to help us bypass certain geo-sensitive content. Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t work with Netflix and sadly a lot of VPN’s no longer do (if you’re looking for one check out ExpressVPN) but IPVanish is still a capable VPN with it’s no logs, shared IPs, and P2P capability. Add to that their ever-expanding list of server locations and for everything but Netflix it is a very capable option when choosing a Kodi VPN.

The lone drawback is the company is based in the U.S. For those not familiar with why this is an issue, it’s been mentioned that a US-based VPN may not be an ideal solution for total privacy due to rumours from Wikileaks suggesting there could be warrants and such on US providers in the future. To this day though nothing (we’ve seen) has ever suggested this has happened or will happen so if you don't wear a tinfoil hat online then IPVanish can provide you with an excellent and fast service.

They also come equipped with made for you apps which makes installing it a breeze on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and even the FireTV ultimately helping you get a Kodi VPN up and running without any headaches.

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Pricing and Plans

For a lot of users, when choosing a Kodi VPN it comes down to price. IPVanish comes with a single price in three different pricing structures. Potential subscribers can look to purchase the VPN on 1 month, 3 month and 1 year plans with the longer term providing more savings. At $5.00 a month it's reasonably priced when compared to some others but falls in line with our list of the best VPN providers.

The best value is your yearly plan which will see you save 73% and pay $3.25 a month over the duration.

IPVanish Pricing
You can pay with IPVanish a handful of ways but no longer capable of doing so with Bitcoin (we believe this has to do with new US legislation in regards to cryptocurrency) which again for privacy purists may be a problem.

IPVanish provides a 7 day money back guarantee for any of those subscribers who aren’t satisfied with their Kodi service.


IPVanish comes with everything you’d expect from a top tier VPN provider for Kodi. While others have adapted, IPVanish was one of the first few companies to provide downloadable apps on devices like Chromebooks and the Fire TV making it much easier to get setup and running with a VPN service.

IPVanish VPN Features

Add to that they have 1000+ VPN servers in over 60+ countries essentially covering the whole globe.

Some of our favorite features about using IPVanish with Kodi include:

  • Fast Speeds with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited P2P Traffic and anonymous torrenting.
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections on multiple devices.
  • Affordability.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Reliable Streaming Speeds

When it comes to streaming in Kodi with a VPN we don’t want to be hit with extra fees for the amount we use it. With IPVanish you can stream as much content through their VPN service as you’d like without the worry of any penalty. Please note, this doesn’t include any restrictions you ISP may have on the bandwidth you use.

Unlimited P2P and Anonymous Torrenting

In the past a lot of third party Kodi addons pulled data from websites that we’re offering up content. While that still exists today we are starting to see the use of addons implement P2P and torrenting to improve speeds and performance but also mitigate the risk as it’s the end user who is now sharing and streaming the content.

If you find yourself using one of these addons (be sure to check) you’ll be happy to know that IPVanish provides unlimited streaming and identity protection from torrenting so you can feel safe knowing you're protected online.

Up to 5 Connections

If your household is run on Kodi and you have multiple boxes situated through your house you can feel comfortable knowing you won’t have to pay extra as IPVanish allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Other VPN providers vary in this but IPVanish provides 5 which is one of the highest simultaneous connection options currently.

Affordable and Easy To Use

It’s not free and may not be the cheapest option in the ever-expanding VPN market but IPVanish provides the best bang for your buck thanks in large part to the impressive amount of features, security and ease of use.

Forget about spending hours trying to install and sideload VPN apks on your Android or FireTV, with all the apps already made for you it’s as simple as signing up and downloading the app you’re running Kodi on. Time is money and we like the thought of being able to be up and running a Kodi VPN in minutes.

Security and Privacy

IPVanish Security and FeaturesLike most top-flight VPN providers, IPVanish comes with all the encryption protocols that should be expected. Most Kodi VPN users should (and will) opt to use the OpenVPN protocol as it’s easily the best option for the average user. It’s important to know that while most VPN providers run the OpenVPN protocol some do so inefficiently.

IPVanish provides a reliable OpenVPN implementation. It’s not the strongest on the available market but is certainly more than sufficient for helping cover your tracks when streaming in Kodi.

The OpenVPN setting in the IPVanish app helps provide the option to “Obfuscate OpenVPN traffic” which will help provide an added level of encryption by preventing ISP’s from distinguishing the difference between what is and isn’t regular web traffic, it’s truly a remarkable feature.

Our only complaint with IPVanish would be that it’s based in the U.S. For some this may not make much difference, after all, you want a VPN that works and IPVanish certainly does that. Being based in the U.S though can open IPVanish up to potential warrants from the likes of government agencies like the NSA and CIA.


Choosing a VPN for Kodi can at times be a process.  What works great for some may not work great for others.  Our VPN selections are based on averaging out tests from streaming certain addons, to using sports, to trying speed tests based on multiple locations.  

While IPVanish wasn’t at the top of our list (learn more) it was a close second in regards to an overall VPN for Kodi.  The speeds were consistent, the security was great and it was incredibly easy to get setup and start watching content within Kodi with IPVanish enabled.  

Our best solution to those seeking out a VPN is to sign up, try it and if it doesn’t work contact support to take them up on their 7-day money back guarantee.

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How To Install IPVanish VPN on Kodi

Installing and using IPVanish with Kodi is easy to do.  True, you can go a more technical route but most users will find themselves simply downloading the IPVanish apps for their selected devices and using that.  

VPN apps vary from providers but IPVanish provides a strong foundation for most Kodi boxes so you can put your mind at ease knowing that it should work on 98% of the most popular streaming boxes on the market.

How To Install IPVanish on Android

Getting setup is easy, just follow below.


Using IPVanish with Kodi on Windows is straightforward.  All you’ll need is the following.

  • Sign up for an IPVanish account and subscription
  • Once that’s complete choose the Windows app for your PC
  • Enter your login information and then once logged in choose and connect to one of the VPN Servers.
  • Wait for confirmation that your connection was successful and use and stream content the way your normally would within Kodi.

Fire TV & Firestick

Arguably one of the most popular devices on the market right now for using Kodi, the Amazon Fire TV provides an affordable but robust option to use with Kodi.  Unfortunately, many VPN providers don’t have a native app to install on the device so we’re left with sideloading an APK from the VPN provider.

That isn’t the case with IPVanish.  One of the first to provide an app for FireOS it’s as easy as logging into your Fire TV or Fire TV stick and searching for “IPVanish” on the device.  Then simply input your username and password after getting a subscription and use Kodi and your FireTV as your normally would.

For a complete guide, click here.


If you’re one of the many that use a different Android box this is for you.  Unfortunately not all Android boxes are treated equally so you may have to do some sideloading if you’re setup doesn’t come with the Google Play Store.

If it does, great!  Simply log in to the playstore, search for IPVanish and download onto your device.  From there all you’ll need to do is enter your username and password and choose a server location.

If you’d like you can play around with the settings but in most cases, the default should suffice for most users.

If you need more information or perhaps learn how to manually install, check out the IPVanish Android page here.

IPVanish and Kodi Conclusion

Choosing a VPN for Kodi comes down a lot to what works for you.  IPVanish is reliable, secure and provides more than capable speeds to stream content within Kodi all while staying anonymous.

It’s widely marketed but for good reason.  IPVanish provides not only an affordable VPN option but also one that is extremely easy to setup and use.  Why waste time learning how to sideload an apk or app onto your Kodi media player when you can just download the app, enter your account information and choose a VPN server to stream content from.

Results may vary from user to user but IPVanish is home to one of the largest selections of VPN servers across the planet so if doesn’t work for you try another one and chances are it will improve your speed in Kodi.

If you’re tempted to try IPVanish but unsure then take them up on their 7-day money back guarantee and give it a shot.  We believe you won’t be disappointed.

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