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If you’re anything like me you have spent a lot of time the past few years getting your home theatre setup to the point where you can purchase movies, shows and music online and stream it through your internet connection. Over the past few weeks and months I’ve provided some feedback on setups, devices and plugins to get you up and running to the point where you may even think about cancelling your TV bill.

Things like 1Channel and Icefilms (while not technically legal) can be a good start but for those of us who sometimes feel like we’re breaking the law there are a handful of other opportunities out there. Services like iTunes and Hulu are great starts. What you may have not heard about is Amazon Prime.


What is Amazon Prime

Unless you’ve been sheltered from the internet (which I highly doubt considering you’re reading this now) you have heard of online giant Amazon by now. If you’ve only ever purchased one thing on there then you should be able to understand the gist of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Free TrialPrime is a subscription service with a few interesting benefits. First and foremost related to this post if you sign up (now selling a 30 day free trial) you’ll gain access to free streaming of thousands of movies and television shows. Obviously a big benefit for me but seeing as I spend a good amount of time purchasing items on Amazon the added bonus of Amazon Prime is anything I order I get the two-day shipping for free and only pay a measly $3.99 for shipping. Certainly a nice bonus to have when you buy something and want it in your possession as soon as possible. Typically Amazon will offer free shipping with any purchases over $25 but they do so using the lowest possible service available meaning it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to get it.

If you find yourself streaming a lot of movies through iTunes and are an avid Amazon shopper you may want to check into Amazon Prime.

How Much Is It

I mentioned that it’s a subscription based service. Currently you’ll pay $79.99 for a year of service which will give you access to the free two day shipping along with thousands of movies and tv shows to go with it. Also if you own a Kindle you’ll have unlimited access to ebooks made for that too.

Check It Out

It certainly is another option in the evolving world of home entertainment. If you find yourself being an avid Amazon Shopper and enjoy watching movies in the comfort of your own home you should definitely check out the 30 day free trial at the very least. You’ll have the option to cancel prior to being billed. There certainly are other services like iTunes out there but as mentioned paying a yearly subscription and having unlimited access to content seems a heck of alot better then a per/product rental.

Let me know what you think below and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask them!

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