Kodi Genesis Addon Is Officially Dead

Arguably one of the most popular addons we’ve seen since the creation of Kodi/XBMC, Genesis has powered undoubtedly thousands of users looking for the latest content online. Lambda, the plugin developer, probably never expected it to reach the levels of popularity it did and yet ironically despite it’s success it may also have ended up being the plugins demise.

Fear not though Kodi fans!

The plugin itself continues to operate and probably will as long as the current sources integrated into the plugin continue to function. Many users though have begun to notice (and complain too much) that it’s getting harder and harder to find reliable content with the Kodi plugin. This is in large part due to no update since October.

This statement was made from the TV Addons thread in early January:

Originally lambda planned to release an update to Genesis that would include all the same features it had before along with all the improvements he’s made. It was to include the same abundance of free links it used to have and support several new premium services. Unfortunately, with all of the lies and misinformation being spread by people that care for nothing more but hits/clicks/likes on social media he has decided to put an end to Genesis. He will release a new add-on but it will not be Genesis and it will not have library integration or favourites. These were the most used and most contentious features and he hopes removing them will help limit the new add-ons installed user base. We have discussed this several times already but in addition to removing library integration and favourites he has removed many scrapers and resolvers, specifically the free ones. The new add-on will include resolvers for some free hosters but not near as many as Genesis did. It will rely heavily upon premium services like RealDebrid, RPNet, Premiumize.me and Easynews. This is another attempt to control how large the installed userbase gets and a way to eliminate the dependence on free hosters that cause the vast majority of problems with host/link resolution.

It’s unfortunate but understandable. The hard work of countless individuals who provide these plugins free of charge continues to be challenged from people ripping off sources, ripping off code, relaying false information, and worst of all finding ways to make a buck off of the original creators.

Sadly this is an ongoing issue with the black-hat (plugins not endorsed by Kodi themselves) Kodi community.

While it’s a disappointment this great addon is coming to an end it shouldn’t come as a surprise given the life expectancy of many of the more popular Kodi streaming plugins. Many continue to function but once something gains massive popularity, like Genesis did, it typically sees the end of the tunnel at some point. In the past we’ve seen popular plugins and websites (like Mash-up) follow the same suit but no one, and I repeat NO ONE, should ever complain given the hard work put forth and what you pay for it.

Replacements for Genesis in Kodi

Fortunately the wonderful people at TV addons have already announced Lambda is working on a plugin. It won’t be as functional as Genesis but given his other work you can expect it to be top notch.

Most people have shifted there attention to SALTS as well as some other addons recently landed in Fusion like Pro Sport and a new one from the BlazeTamer Repo that shows promise called Kodi Velocity.

Regardless, a special thanks to all the hard work put in by Lambda.

Be sure to check back to the website as I go through some of the latest Genesis replacements and provide some updates on how to install.

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