Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

For almost over a year now Apple has had their latest version of their small media player on the market and while still useful the extendability of it isn’t as good as their previous model thanks in large part to the hacking community. The ability alone to install XBMC on the ATV2 is what led me to it initially but since the latest version has hit the market an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak has been non existent. Having since moved onto Google TV I decided to take one last look into the ATV3 and seen some interesting news.


The ATV3 Jailbreak

For all intents and purposes the ATV3 is a capable device of streaming media online and through your “Airplay”, with 1080 support and the ability to watch whatever on whichever iOS device you own it’s a nice bonus. Still having been a big supporter of XBMC over the last decade I missed having that software (or any for that matter) capable of being on my ATV3 device. When I searched the other day I was surprised to see all the top page rankings being dominated about the news of an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak.

Apple TV 3 JailbreakMy initial shock was to see dozens of sites reporting on the upcoming release for a jailbreak mentioning it’s about to be released around the start of February. Having been fairly surprised solely on the fact that a lot of the “experts” had said they’re doubtful it will happen I decided to dig a little deeper. Fortunately I found what I was looking after going to some more credible sources, that being that all these news sites mentioning an ATV3 jailbreak are reporting false news or at least news with no real confirmation one way or another.

With that said for all those people still endlessly hoping I will tell you this now (as of February 17th, 2013), NO JAILBREAK EXISTS.

It sucks I know, the good news though is there are a handful of different alternatives already available that are better designed on the Android platform. Do yourself a favour and purchase a Pivos Xios, Raspberry Pi, or tackle my list here.

Will We Ever See A ATV3 Jailbreak?

Good question. Truth be told it appears no one really knows for sure. Without getting to technical the basis of the Jailbreak needs an exploit to utilize the remaining absinthe exploits out there. Most other iOS devices have this capability and have an injection vector that gets onto the device with root access. That being said there are a few problems facing the ATV3 which is preventing it from getting Jailbroken.

The biggest problem which has been mentioned numerous times from guys like MuscleNerd is that the attacking surface on the Apple TV 3 is much smaller then other iOS devices. With iPhones and iPads we have more services and processes running then the AppleTV.

Then of course there is the man(woman) power problem. There isn’t a whole lot of people interested in trying to find an exploit for this device. That said from what I’ve read it doesn’t appear that anyone is even working on a jailbreak at the moment, most of the news you hear about it existing appear to be false.

That’s not to say it won’t happen in the future but if it ever does it’s going to take time and whole lot of it by the sounds of it.

Don’t Buy The Hype

Now a friendly warning. Don’t get scammed. There are a lot of people trying to make money off this by promising an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. As is the case with a lot of these exploits you should always do your research. My first warning is never ever pay for jailbreak software. Stay away from websites like “AppleTV3Jailbreak dot com” and “DailyGossip dot org”, these are known scams and have already duped people out of their hard earned money.

Of course you can go to the regular sources like Firecore and jailbreakATV for more information or ask any questions on this website or the HSB Facebook page.

If you find yourself not interested in making the switch to a Pivos or Pi then you can always pick up an older Apple TV. Surprisingly you can still buy an ATV2 on for a much heftier price tag.


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