Apple TV No Sound? 9 Things You Can Try to Fix It

Almost every digital device comes with certain downsides, and Apple TV is not an exception. One such issue that you might have come across is the Apple TV no sound issue, while you notice that the device is streaming videos just perfectly. 

Apple TV is known to have some audio issues from time to time. Luckily, you can resolve most of them by yourself. This article will guide you with potential solutions.

Why Is Apple TV Sound Not Working?

There are several reasons users get no sound when streaming any movie or TV serial on Apple TV. Some users stated that they face this issue while connecting Mac to Apple TV. If you are a new user and want to learn more about how to connect Mac to TV, go through online resources. 

More often than not, you experience no sound issues due to inappropriate settings and configurations. Many times, the sound from the Apple TV keeps disconnecting due to hardware connection problems. You need to try different methods to troubleshoot the issue. 

Reboot Apple TV

Sometimes, the recent installation of a driver or other changes leads to the Apple TV no sound issue. To fix this problem, reboot your Apple TV to give a fresh start to all apps. For this, navigate to Settings and then scroll to the Systems option. At last, click on the Restart button to start the rebooting process.

Ensure TV Is Not Muted

Turning on the mute mode can make you hear no sound on the Apple TV. Hence, make sure this app is not set to mute mode. Sometimes, the mute button on the Apple TV remote is pressed accidentally. If it is not muted, find out if the volume is not set to a low level. Adjust the volume accordingly using Siri Remote.

Check Cable Connections

If the cable is not configured carefully, you will not be able to hear the Apple TV sound. Hence, figure out if the audio receiver connections are properly placed. Make sure the TV is appropriately connected to a power source to provide enough current flow. It can be done by removing and re-connecting the cable.

Play Different Content

Well, it rarely happens that you will face sound issues due to some audio problems in specific content. But, it would be possible that the problem is not with the TV but with certain content. So, try playing more podcasts, movies, or videos on your Apple TV. If you hear the audio, the issue is with certain videos. If you have no sound, try other solutions.

Check Hardware Connection

Improper hardware connection may become the cause of no sound issues on Apple TV. One of the major concerns could be a problem with the HDMI port or cable. Bypass the receivers and connect your device to the TV. If you get no audio, reverse the HDMI cable’s ends. Try the HDMI port on another TV. If it doesn’t create any audio, replace it.

Change TV Audio Output to PCM

To change the TV audio to PCM (Pulse code modulation), you will require the original TV remote. Stereo audio is technically referred to as PCM. To change the audio output, select Settings on your TV remote and find Sound Settings. Choose Audio Out and find Optical and Digital Sound Out. These steps could vary slightly based on your TV.

Set Auto Audio Mode

Another thing you can do to solve the audio issue is to set the audio mode to auto. Possibly, you have not chosen the right speakers. This eventually produces no sound. To set auto audio mode:

  1. Navigate to the Settings option.
  2. Tap Audio and Video.
  3. Make sure the corresponding speakers are chosen for audio output and change the audio mode to auto.     

Change Audio Settings

Inaccurate audio settings can make Apple TV produce no sound. Hence, change the audio settings to activate the surround sound. Access the home screen of your Apple TV and choose Settings. Scroll to the Audio and Video and choose it. Then, find the Audio Format category. Now, choose Change Format and select Use Best Available.

Soft Reset the Hardware 

The speakers connected to the TV could sometimes make the sound stop working. So, soft reset the hardware system by disconnecting it from the TV. Turn off the power and wait for a few seconds. Turn on the audio system and re-establish the connection between the sound system and Apple TV. Avoid jailbreaking your Apple TV, as you may lose the warranty. 

The Conclusion

If the above-mentioned fixes could not resolve the Apple TV sound not working issue, then soft reset your Apple TV. Or, try force restarting your Apple TV. If this still doesn’t work, reach the Apple TV support team. Apple has some customer-centric policies for replacement and repair. So, try resolving this minor issue using these troubleshooting tips.

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