Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Still Doesn’t Exist, Dont Be Fooled

Over a month ago I touched up on some of the latest news I read in regards to the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak and whether or not those rumors were true. After doing a little digging I found out that the jailbreaking community is bigger business then I thought. After mentioning in my original post about the jailbreak news not being true and in fact it wasn’t even close to being accomplished I again today decided to follow up on that post and to see what was going on with the latest. Low and behold I seen a new approach by some of the same scam sites, only this time they’re asking you for help perhaps to try and gain back some of the user trust they’ve lost in lying to everyone and stealing money from people in the past.


Where do we stand now?

From the looks of it the story keeps getting better and better. This time the known scam site appletv3jailbreak dot com has offered up an alternative to help speed up the jailbreak process. Before I get into that let’s not forget that it was this same website saying a few months back that an ATV3 jailbreak was in the works and would be released by the end of December…then January…then the start of February. It never happened. A good scam is only effective if you don’t over do it and not milking it. Needless to say now you haven’t seen any mention on any of the websites claiming a jailbreak was days away and now instead a new scam has arrived in it’s place.

The latest Scam

Now that same site who dupped people out of their money and claimed to have the ATV3 jailbreak days away from release is now asking for your help once more (most notably your money).

Jailbreak Apple TV 3The story suggests that with their help and getting as many beta testers as possible will eventually help produce the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. Truth of the matter is this is nothing more then another legit scam from a known scamming site. Everyone wants to believe…trust me. A lot of other users such as myself would be happy to see the jailbreak come to fruition but you have to ask yourself these questions when looking at not only this site but others offering up similar solutions.

First and foremost have any other dev team’s charged for anything when it came to jailbreaking software? Most of them offer up there tool free of charge but it takes your time for research and knowledge to jailbreak your device. There are companies out there like Firecore who are charging for their software but it’s a little different. You don’t need Firecore to jailbreak your older ATV 2, they’ve just created a tool that makes it a lot easier to install the jailbreak along with other software such as XBMC all in one clean swoop. You can ask the majority of their users and they’ll be more then satisfied with the purchase.

Secondly, do you think a known scamming site would have a sudden change of heart? I don’t know about the rest of you but if I’m in business with someone who rips me off I have a hard time believing they wont do it again.

Finally do some do diligence. Read over all the comments on the said site as well as the youtube videos posted…Do you see one negative thing being said? Not bloody likely. The fact remains that if a website is open for discussion they will include all comments good and bad regardless as long as they remain respectable and thought out. Try writing a bad review or saying that it’s a known scam in the comment box and see if your report on the ATV 3 Jailbreak gets posted. If it does report back to me with the comment number so I can see it.

What You Should Do

ATV3 JailbreakYou can do a few things. You can sit and wait on a jailbreak happening (which isn’t likely at all), donate money to websites that are known scammers or you can join the other thousands who have graduated to the Android platform or purchased a home theater PC. I can understand why people would keep tabs on whether or not the ATV3 jailbreak exists if they owned one themselves but for those who are waiting to purchase one STOP! There are countless other devices already on the market…some of the best are:

The Pivos Xios. If you aren’t a follower of this website the Pivos was one of the first devices that team XBMC worked on and developed it’s first Android based builds for it specifically. It’s still in its early stages of development but many users have had a lot of success installing XBMC (among other apps) without the hassle of having to jailbreak.

One I came across just recently was the impressive AMK808 Android player. This little device costs under $50 dollars and is pocket sized so you can take it anywhere you want. To read my review on it click here.

If you don’t need XBMC you could always look at the better developed Roku 3. The Roku has been on the market for quite some time and ask any user they’ll tell you that without any added extras the device is better then Apple TV regardless.

Finally for you techies looking to save some money while having a device capable of doing almost anything you want you should check out the Raspberry Pi!

Those are just a few, there are a lot of other options out there (Jynxbox, G-Box Midnight) be sure to do your research. If you’re an Apple fan through thick and thin then you could always try and track down an older Apple TV 1 or 2 or you could make do with what you have and hopefully at some point in the future we’ll see an ATV3 Jailbreak.


All I will say…DONT BUY THE HYPE! We should all know by now that everything we read on the internet isn’t true.


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