Five Alternatives to Genesis on Kodi

The news broke awhile back that the developer for the Genesis addon was no longer maintaining or updating it moving forward. The plugin itself continues to work and it’s anyone’s guess as to when it may stop but as many other Kodi users have reported Genesis sources have slowed down or stopped working entirely making many feel it’s only a matter of time. Already others have begun looking for the next best thing so we’ve decided to give you, the Kodi user, some solid alternatives to use as a replacement.

Life as a Kodi user typically follows this way (unless you’re paying for premium services). An free plugin comes along and gains so much popularity that it’s almost impossible for the developer to continue to actively maintain. Truth be told it’s not the addon itself, it’s the endless hours of tech support that typically comes along with it. As someone working for free one shouldn’t complain about these plugins that you can use, instead take some time to figure out for yourself or ask comments on websites like this to see if you can get support from someone else.

With that being said let’s take a look at five other addons that you can use to help ease the transition from Genesis.


SALTS a.k.a. Stream All The Sources

The consensus number one pick for a replacement right now appears to be SALTS, also known as Stream All The Sources. Developer tknorris has put out an addon that has gained a lot of popularity as of late and uses a lot of the same sites and sources similar to Genesis. For those of you with premium options like Real-Debrid it also provides support for that.

If you’re looking to install SALTS to test it out you can do so easily by installing the Fusion addon from the group at TV Addons.

The Velocity Addon

New to the scene the Velocity addon was created by developer Blazetamer and looks to be a very promising addition to the Kodi scene. Similar to SALTS you can now install this from the Fusion addon and be up and running in a matter of minutes. One of the nice features so far has been the ability to integrate your Trakt.TV account so you can keep up to date with what shows you’ve watched or need to watch.

As the Velocity plugin is relatively still new more features are coming but if you liked the simplicity and ease of Genesis you’ll love this addon.

The Royal We Plugin

What started originally as something very simple the addon popularity has helped developer DudeHere expand the Kodi plugin to include things like Real Debrid support and some other common sources. Similar to Velocity it’s simplicity and integration with a Trakt.TV account make it an addon worth installing.

Like the other two above you can easily install this by adding the Fusion addon.

The Phoenix Addon

It’s not quite as brilliantly laid out as the other addons (or Genesis for that matter) but the Phoenix addon provides a lot of other things that the others don’t. Some of those include the ability to watch Live TV, live sports, radio, and more.

Phoenix works great but the biggest concern I had with it was the layout. I’ve found there isn’t a lot of older TV or movie content so if you’re looking for some of the older seasons of your favorite TV shows you may want to look elsewhere. Still having this plugin installed in your Kodi box would be a good idea.

1 Channel and Icefilms

Or what I like to call old faithful. These addons ended up being the original source for most peoples streams and they continue to provide that option despite the numerous other plugins out there today.

If it’s not broke why fix it? If you’ve been using one of (or a combination) these plugins and are happy then why change? Despite the rise and fall of so many other plugins out there these two have stood the test of time and appear to continue to do so. Definitely a reliable option as a fallback in case your favorite source goes down.

Wrapping It Up

The wonderful thing about Genesis was it’s ability to integrate with your library and how easy it was. The majority of these plugins either don’t come with that ability or it’s a little more confusing to get setup. Despite that most of them now include Trakt support and also come equipped with the ability to use premium streaming sources like Real Debrid.

Installing these always provide another option but I’m always looking for more plugins, if you’ve got some that you’re willing to share please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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