How To Watch Live Canadian TV in Kodi

If you’re a cable cutter north of the border then chances are you’ve been searching for some options to watch your favorite (or is it favourite) stations that you no longer have in Canada. With one of the worst and more expensive cable selections in the developed world it’s no wonder more and more consumers are ditching cable and choosing affordable Kodi boxes as a replacement. Still one of the hardest things to do is replace some of the channels you just “flip” on and watch.

The solution? The Made in Canada IPTV addon.

If you’re looking for Live Canadian TV in Kodi then look no further. Listed below is a simple how to tutorial on how you can get up and running with the Made In Canada plugin and what to expect with a free IPTV service like this.


How To Install Made in Canada IPTV Addon (Video)

Install Made In Canada IPTV (Written)

Unlike a lot of the other tutorials available with the Fusion addon we’ll need to add a different source in the file manager. Depending on the version of Kodi you’re using the instructions will slightly differ unless you’ve changed the new Kodi skin back to Confluence. If you have then following version 16 and below should be sufficient. You’ll also need to install the F4MTester addon in order to use this plugin. Install that first then follow one of the guides (depending on your version) below.

Install F4MTester in Kodi

Installing F4M tester in Kodi is easy with the Fusion Installer. If you haven’t installed fusion then follow this guide.

To install F4M do the following after installing Fusion in Kodi.

  • Open Kodi and browse to Programs.
  • Select the Addon Installer.
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • Select F4MTester (you may have to browse to the 2nd or 3rd page).
  • Install F4MTester.
  • Press OK following notification the addon was installed properly.

The F4MTester addon should now be installed in your Kodi box.

Made in Canada for Kodi 17 and Above

  • From the Kodi homescreen, click the gear icon currently located under the Kodi logo.
  • Scroll down and select File Manager.
  • Move down, highlight and select and hit enter on the “Add Source” option.
  • A pop up box should appear, highlight where it says “” and hit enter, another fly in menu/pop up should appear with a keyboard. Enter in “” and hit OK.
  • Underneath where it says “Enter a name for this media source” type in a name you’ll remember. TIP: We name all of our sources with a period in front, so in this scenario “.MadeInCanada”, this is to ensure all our sources show above the other folders that come with Kodi. Makes it easier to find and install.
  • Hit OK and then press escape (or back) once or twice to return to the home screen (where we clicked the gear icon).
  • Scroll down to the Add-Ons menu option and hit Enter. You should be taken to the Add-Ons section and now see a box icon on the left (under the Kodi logo) and a gear icon on the right (under the Kodi logo). Underneath is options for Video Addons, Music Add-Ons, Program Add-on Etc. If you’re unfamiliar with Kodi 17 this will be where you can access all the addons you’ve installed. Highlight the Box Icon and hit enter
  • You should now see “Install From Zip File”, select it and hit enter.
  • Select the name you made for the Made In Canada source, in our case it was .MadeInCanada.
  • Highlight the file, and hit enter.
  • You should receive a notification in the top right saying the repository has been enabled.
  • This time select “Install From Repository” and hit enter.
  • Browse to repository > Video Add-ons > Made in Canada > Install and hit enter. Wait for the notification that addon is installed and you are done.

Made in Canada for Kodi 16 and Below

  • Open Kodi, from the homescreen browse to Settings, then select File Manager.
  • Choose Add Source.
  • Where it says ““, hit select/enter and enter in the source “”.
  • In the box provided to enter a name type one you’ll remember. TIP: We typically add our sources with a leading period so they show up first in the source list. In this example we’ll enter “.KodiTips”.
  • Return to the Kodi Home Screen
  • Go to System and hit enter.
  • Scroll down and select Add-ons.
  • Choose Install from zip file.
  • Choose the name you entered earlier, in our example select .KodiTips.
  • Select (x is version number this will change.
  • Wait for the notification that the repository has been installed.
  • Now choose Install from repository.
  • Select Repository
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • Select Made in Canada IPTV
  • Wait for notification that Made In Canada IPTV has been enabled

Once you receive notification that add-on was enabled you can access the plugin by visiting the Videos menu and selecting add-ons in the sub menu.

A Final Forewarning

This addon is a third party program and not associated with the Kodi development team. If you’re looking for support you can leave a comment here or leave a comment on your YouTube channel.

By using this addon you are opening yourself up to potential copyright infringements. We highly recommend you start using a VPN (virtual private network) to protect your identiy and encrypt what you’re doing online. If you’re looking for the best deals and the most reliable options we highly recommened the following options (in no particular order).

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