How To Install Hockeystreams in Kodi

Being a big hockey fan I’ve took it upon myself to help educate other fans on what they can do to get Live hockey streaming on their Kodi media player. The NHL season is just around the corner and what better way to kick it off then to rock out a few tutorials showing a few select addons that will help you watch your favorite team no matter where you’re at (assuming you have your Kodi box with you). This tutorial will show you how to get past the small hurdles to install arguably the best option for watching live hockey, that being HockeyStreams.

As of January 2016 Hockeystreams is abandoned. To watch the latest hockeystreams in Kodi:

Please note, since the start of the 2015 NHL campaign hockeystreams has been unable to process payment for any exisiting or new users. The service hasn’t been working and currently still doesn’t since this update (November 11th, 2015). If you’re looking for a hockey fix comment below and I’ll provide a link or check out NHL Gamecenter

A few days back I wrote about how you could install NHL GameCenter in Kodi which is a very viable option. If you’re concerned about legitimacy or legality that will be your best bet. The problem facing NHL Gamecenter is regional blackouts which upsets a lot of people who pay a high premium fee for the service which could result in you missing out on anywhere 5 – 20 games a year (the Flyers were on regular cable 17 times last season resulting in 17 blackouts). If you’re trying to understand this the simplest way to think about it is if your home team is playing on a major cable network and you don’t have cable just Gamecenter, there’s a good chance that game will be blacked out and you’ll be out of luck.

Enter the wonderful service at

Now there is a fine line here about your ethics and what you think is right or wrong. I’m not expert but I don’t believe this service is backed by the National Hockey League meaning it could go down at anytime should the NHL try and shut it down. The crazy thing though is it’s been running for as long as I can remember and not only does it provide reliable high definition hockey you also have the luxury of watching select games from around the world including the AHL and Junior leagues.

Of course it is a premium addon but a small monthly fee will have you streaming live NHL games as well as on demand content.

Installing the Hockeystreams Addon in Kodi

Installing the plugin into Kodi is going to take a little more work then usual but the nice thing is the group has got a repository so once it’s installed the addon itself should always stay updated. Unlike our usual way of adding the source into file manager we have to add the repository via installing by zip file. You can install just the addon but why would you do that when the repository will keep the addon updated through it’s existence. Needless to say I’ll be showing you how to install the repository and then the addon.

First things first, here’s what you’re going to need to install.

  • You’ll obviously need something capable of playing Kodi, if you’;re looking for options here are my favorite Kodi players for 2015
  • You’re going to need the hockeystreams repository from GitHub. Download this and save it to your computer. Or visit the acual GitHub page which I’ll list below.
  • You’re going to need a premium account, I’m not sure if registrations are open but clicking our link should allow you to sign up.
  • A little (not much) technical knowledge.

With those requirements out of the way let’s begin installing.

First things first.

  • If you didn’t download the repo via zip file above then you’ll need to visit the GitHub page here.
  • From the main Github page simply click the “Download ZIP” button. There is more then one way to go about this but keeping with the file I provided above I’ll show that way first and foremost. Watch the video for another way. Install Hockeystreams in Kodi
  • You should be asked to open or save the file, choose SAVE and remember where.
  • We’ll need to extract the zip information, so wherever you downloaded the file double click it and extract the files to a location you’ll remember.
  • The next step is to open up KODI and browse to SYSTEM and hit enter.Installing Game Center on Kodi Step 1
  • From here we scroll down to ADD-ONS and hit enter.Install Hockeystreams in Kodi
  • Now we want to select INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE.Install From Zip File in Kodi
  • The next step is to browse to where you extract the hockeystreams zip file we downloaded. This is where you’ll need some form of techical knowledge. If you’re installing on Windows theres a good chance it will be in your downloads folder at “C:\Users\Username\Downloads\xbmc-hockey-streams-master”.Installing H ockeystreams in Kodi Step 3
  • Once you’ve found the folder, open it and browse to the folder where it says “REPO”. Click it to open.Installing Hockeystreams in Kodi, step 4
  • Inside of the REPO folder you want to choose the REPOSITORY.XBMC-HOCKEY-STREAMS folder and hit enter. From here you’ll be taken to the zip file you want to install, highlight “” and hit enter.Step 5 to Install Hockeystreams
  • After installation of the repository you should notice a notification in the bottom right corner saying it’s been installed and you’ll be back on the screen we started on. Before exiting this time we want to go to “INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY” and hit enter.Install NHL Game Center Step 3
  • From this screen you should see “XBMC Hockey Streams Repo”. Highlight it and hit enter.Step 6
  • Choose VIDEO-ADD-ONS, then select XBMC Hockey Streams and hit enter. You should be greeted with a Add-on information popup where you can choose to “Install”, highlight and hit enter.Installing Hockeystreams

Congratulations, you’ve now installed the Hockeystreams addon. There’s just a few more steps to do before you can start getting started and watching awesome live hockey.

Configuring Hockeystreams Addon in Kodi

Now that we have the addon installed we need to insert our account details into Kodi. You should only have to do this once so make sure you’ve registered for a premium account before completing this step.

  • Back in Kodi go to the home screen and find the VIDEOS menu option. Under the slideout menu below choose ADD-ONS.Confgiure Hockeystreams in Kodi
  • From this screen you should see a list of all your installed video add-ons. We want to scroll down to XBMC Hockey Streams but before we click enter we need to bring up the context menu. To do that you can press “C” on any keyboard. On a FireTV the menu button should work. Once the context menu has shown, simply scroll down to “ADD-ON SETTINGS” and hit enter.Configuring Options for hockeystreams in Kodi
  • Your last step here is to enter in your username and password on the “General” tab. You can play with some of the other options should you choose just be sure to click OK once you’ve properly entered in your account information.Add Account information in Kodi

Now that that’s done simply hit enter on XBMC Hockey Streams to open the addon and begin enjoying live NHL hockey.

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