How To Install Dexter TV Addon and Replace IPTV Stalker

In the ongoing battle for cable cutters the hardest job has been finding a reliable replacement for live television. Everyday we seem to be greeted with new addons that look to be the future and solution to all of our problems replacing the over priced cable line up we’ve been paying for in the past. The problem with it all is it’s a lot of work to maintain and most developers don’t receive anything (aside from some heartfelt donations) to keep the plugin working. This often results in the death of the plugin after an extended period time or the transition of moving it to a paid/private service similar to what we’ve seen with IPTV Stalker.

I had recently written a tutorial on how to install IPTV Stalker into your Kodi media player but thanks to user “zandanse” on my YouTube Channel I’ve been alerted to this apparently no longer working due to some changes to the IPTV Stalker Mac address. While the addon itself still is working it’s currently moved to a premium subscription which is something I would never advise to subscribe for. I haven’t looked at it myself since the change and truth be told there’s no question that paying/charging for streaming TV is illegal so use at your own risk. If you pay I advise to use Bitcoin to complete the transaction (it may be the only way truthfully).

With the loss of IPTV Stalker I had seen another user suggest an addon called Dexter on Reddit so I set out to give it a try.

Initial impression, WOW, best IPTV addon I’ve tried to date. Not only is the channel lineup very impressive but the speed as to which it responds is unlike any other live TV addon on the market. I would say you’re doing a disservice if you don’t try this out. The only drawback was the lack of a guide but I will be writing a tutorial and providing a video in the next day to show how you can use the same addon I used for IPTV Stalker, IVue TV Guide.

Want to get started, let’s begin.


What You Need To Get Started Installing Dexter IPTV Addon For Kodi

  • The obvious, a Kodi box, here are my favorite Kodi players.
  • You’re going to need Kodi installed, for this purpose I’m using the latest, Kodi Isengard 15.
  • Last but not least you’ll need access to the Dexter IPTV repository which I’ll provide in the steps below.

That’s it that’s all, now let’s get started with this simple but awesome IPTV plugin.

Install the Dexter IPTV repository into Kodi

Now that we’ve got everything we need the next step is to add the source into our Kodi setup. As always I’m going to recommened using the default Confluence theme for this install. Most themes won’t have any issues with install but I’ve had some concerns trying to install plugins/repositories with some other themes I’ve used.

Let’s begin.

  • Open up Kodi 15 on whatever box you have it installed on. Scroll over to SYSTEM and on the drop out menu below choose FILE MANAGER.
  • From here we want to ADD SOURCE.
  • Where it says highlight and click or hit enter. You’ll then be greeted with an option to enter the path media locations. Type in “” without the quotes and select done.
  • Where it asks you to enter a name enter something that will help you remember, in my case I entered in “.dexter”. I usually put a period before most sources so it shows up at the top of the list.
  • Click OK. If you recieve a message in regards to the source not being accessible make sure to double check that you’ve entered and spelt the above correctly. If it still doesn’t work try to access it on your computer in your browser to see if the repository is still online. If you can’t access it chances are it has been taken down. Leave a comment below and I’ll try to find a replacement.
  • Now return to the Kodi homescreen and this time go to SYSTEM and hit enter.
  • Scroll down to “ADD-ONS” and hit enter.
  • Select “INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE” and hit enter.
  • A popup should now appear where you should see the “.dexter” source we just added. Scroll down to it and hit enter.
  • Inside there is a file called “”, select it and hit enter to install the Dexter IPTV repository.
  • You should get a notification telling you it’s been installed in the bottom right corner. Now back at the original screen this time we need to select “INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY”.
  • If you’ve had success with the repository install you should see an option called “dextertv repo”. Hightlight and hit enter.
  • Choose “VIDEO ADD-ONS”
  • Click “dexterTV” and hit enter. Choose “INSTALL”.
  • You should now get a notification saying that Dexter TV has been installed.

Congratulations you’ve now got the latest and greatest IPTV addon installed. Let’s check it out to make sure it works.

How to use the Dexter IPTV addon

Now that we’ve got everything installed let’s test it out. Doing this is just like any addon. Browse to the VIDEOS option on the Kodi home screen and choose the sub-menu option “Add-ons”. Choose dexterTV and you should then be given access to the entire layout. To check out all the live TV just select the Live TV option and give it a whirl.

As of this writing this addon has worked amazing. In the world of IPTV plugins though that could be subject to change. If you have any problems with install or notice the addon no longer working please let us all know by providing a comment below.

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