How To Watch The Masters Outside The U.S

How To Watch The Masters Outside The U.S

The 2018 Masters tournament currently ongoing (April 5th – 8th) and the best golfers are looking to knock off Sergio Garcia and take his place. For thousands of avid golf fans in the U.S watching the Masters is as easy as visiting For those outside of the U.S though finding a source to watch Golf’s greatest tournament can be a little troublesome. Thankfully we’ve got an easy solution for all fans.

If you’ve got access to a computer or a media player with a browser you can easily watch the Masters everyday through with a VPN. If you’re unfamiliar with what a VPN is, check out our guide on what it is and why you should be using it.

To get started watching simply purchase a low cost VPN, access a U.S address and visit Here are our favorite providers with a few discounts for you to save some money.

TIP: If you haven’t purchased or used a VPN before now is the time to do so. While this will allow streaming of the Masters it also keeps your internet browsing secure and helps prevent geoblocking for other sports and online streaming services.

How To Watch The Masters in Kodi

If you’ve got access to a Live TV subscription then look out for the following channels to open and run. These should provide around the clock Masters coverage as the event is on. If you lack an IPTV subscription there are still some older working plugins that may work but your best bet will be to just get a VPN and use the method above.

  • Plus 7 (Australia, Free)
  • CBS (USA)
  • ESPN (USA)
  • Sky Sports (UK)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK, Free)

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