How To Install Incursion in Kodi

How To Install Incursion in Kodi

As the ever revolving Kodi goes we’re seeing new addons from forks on a regular basis. Just as quickly as Convenant popped on the scene it disappeared just as quickly. Thankfully a lot of the great changes and updates made were available more many popular forks of the plugin which is what Incursion is based on.

Installing Incursion is a breeze if you’re using the Git Browser (we recommend installing this). If you’re familiar with the old Fusion addon think of the Git Browser as the same philosphy but not limited to just what TVAddons provides. Instead you can install any plugin on GitHub. Check out our tutorial to get up and running with the Git Browser and once installed follow our guide below to get up and running with Incursion.

Install Incursion in Kodi

Simply follow these steps to get one of the latest working plugins installed.

  • Click on the Add-ons Menu.Click on the Kodi Addons Menu
  • Choose Program Add-ons (or if you see Git Browser choose that and skip the next step).Choose Program Addons
  • Select Git Browser.Select Git Browser
  • Dismiss the notice and select “Search by Github Username”.Select Add by Username
  • Choose New Search.Start a New Git Search
  • Enter in nixgates.Search by username
  • Choose the Incursion Repository
  • Select install.Choose Install Button
  • Once the addon has been installed simply hit Continue.Choose continue button
  • Finally we just need to install the incursion plugin, choose the Incursion addon.
  • Now that you’ve installed both all you need to do is restart your Kodi software.
    • That’s it, from here on out you should know how to find and open the video addon but in case you don’t simply go to your addons menu in Kodi and you should see incursion on the right or simply enter the add-ons section and search for Incursion in the video addons section.

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