Is Google Glass The Future

If you haven’t heard the news Google dropped the latest news on what could be a possible game changing technology. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about, they’re a little nerdy looking but regardless it has begun to engage people with “what could be” as we move forward. The Google Glasses are nearing prime time and while us “Canadians” are once again on the outside looking in (who knows when they’ll be available up here), if you’re into technology like I am you can’t help but wonder…is Google Glass The Future?


What Is Google Glass

We live in an era that is consumed by technology. It’s hard to think back as to when I didn’t own a cell phone but I do remember the first cell phone I owned, some sad Telus phone that had a lime green display. Move forward to today and just think about how far we’ve come in the world of smart phones. Of course the iPhone changed the game with touch screens, apps and more but so many other competitors have joined the market making our cell phone essentially are life (sad to say). Millions of people a day are accessing internet related features through their phones and tablets which makes one wonder how long it is before we wave goodbye to the desktop pc or laptop. Yet here we have Google Glass which from my first look could potentially change the mobile industry for ever. Watch below

Back in 1995 we were introduced to a thing called Windows 95 from Microsoft and it’s start menu helped change the way we used computers forever. It became a gateway into a new era of PC’s. Google is hoping to try and have a major impact on the future of computing beyond our era of PC’s and smartphones and fully hope that “OK Glass” will become just as recognizable as the word Windows does.

Is Google Glass The FutureIn a nutshell Glass is a smartphone we’ll wear. I think about owning one of these devices and imagine the possibilities. They seem endless. Imagine the things we share and record now with our smartphones and think about how many missed opportunities you’ve had because you’ve left your phone somewhere. Communicating and sharing will be easier then ever before.

As mentioned it isn’t available for Canadians (yet) and when or if that time comes will remain to be seen. Google has just recently announced a “hack-a-thon” for developers to design apps for it’s upcoming launch. For $1500 and the best reasons possible you’ll be able to get your hands on Google Glass by being dubbed a “Glass Explorer” in the United States. Google has recently launched a competition on their website where you can announce via Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #ifihadglass what you would do with Google Glass, a few lucky winners will be selected and then will have to fork over 1500 big ones to get them.

Google Glass Price

As mentioned it’s currently $1500 just for the beta versions. What the company plans to do when the release it to the general public in 2014 remains to be seen but it’s hard to believe they will be under $500. With the latest smart phones ringing in around there and the impressive technology this posses I’m going to bet it won’t be cheap. It’s not just the price that might have people second guessing.

Google Glass DurabilityFor starters we have a hard enough time not paying attention already, so much in fact we’ve had to have laws put in place to tell us to smarten up and pay attention to more important matters. Texting and driving is a concern already, what’s going to happen when you’re wearing Google Glass while driving and you get a phone call? One eye on the road the other on the mini HUD?

Still it remains to be seen just how personal it will be for the end use. Going mainstream will have a lot to do with the success of Project Glass. We’ve all seen our business professionals sporting the blue tooth ear piece in the gym, on the road and at lunch more times then we care. While it’s more socially accepting because of the new laws who hasn’t made some derogatory comment to one of those people. Not think of Google Glass.

First and foremost you’ll be looking like you belong in a bad Tom Cruise movie but how will people behave around you when they know full well you could be video taping them. People act differently already when a camera is in their face and I don’t blame them. More then ever today embarrassing crap is filling the internet…Google Glass will only make it worse. In time people will adjust but only if this becomes mainstream.

Will I Buy One

Stupid question, I’ve already started saving. For years I’ve wanted recordable sunglasses but with the added functionality of being able to call people, record video, take photos, get directions and more this is a no brainer for me. $1500 is a lot of money right now but I’m praying that when it’s released to consumers in Canada in 2025 (2014 in the U.S) the price will have dropped significantly. Is Google Glass The Future? That remains to be seen but it’s a safe bet that the hype around this cool little device is only going to grow in the coming year. If you’re one of the lucky few who get a copy of them be sure to spread some love on hotstickybun with your feedback.

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