How To Stream Usenet in Kodi With EasyNews

There’s been an abundance of options out there for Kodi streamers and as the program has grown in popularity so has the amount of plugins as well as the demand for maintenance of them. For anyone that’s been in the game for sometime now you’ve seen your favorite addons come and go. Nothing will change that today or in the future and in my opinion it’s only going to get worse as third party addons for Kodi become more popular as more and more people become aware of the ability to do this. Let’s not forget that as this continues to pick up steam so to will the endless takedown requests of this movie and TV show sites. That being said over the course of Kodi’s existence (and movie/TV sharing’s existence) there are two technologies that have remained consistent. Torrenting and Usenet, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Today I’m going to show you how you can set up Easynews to stream content in Kodi.

Torrenting has long been the more popular choice for users looking to download content. Torrenting works in different ways then Usenet, typically with a torrent connection you share that same content you’re downloading which in some cases can result in legal ramifications. Usenet on the other hand is a one way download street. While still not technically legal it provides a little more security for the end user as whoever is pursuing would need to see the active logs of what you’re downloading…thus making it important to choose a reliable usenet provider like Easynews (you can make it even more secure using a good VPN) who doesn’t save logs.

As an avid Kodi user you’ve undoubtedly used addons like Exodus, Specto, and SALTs and have noticed that sources can stop working, suffer through constant buffering and just flat out suck. Usenet links are stored on a private encrypted server and allow easier and more dependable access to your favorite content. Real Debrid is a wonderful Kodi addition (and cheap) but you may just enjoy using Easynews thanks to it’s security and never ending supply of new files added daily.

The only downside, it’s a premium option (there is a 14 day free trial for you to test out before committing). Still a 14 day free trial can help you make a choice whether it’s right for you or not.

First and foremost.


What You Need To Install

This will take a few steps to complete. The first thing you’ll need to do (if you don’t have it already) is to install the Xunitytalk Repository.

Installing Easynews and Usenet into Kodi

  • Make sure you’ve signed up for an Easynews account and fire up your Kodi Box. Browse to SYSTEM, then FILE MANAGER.Select File Manager
  • Inside here we want to add select ADD SOURCE, then enter in the information like below ( as the source and .xfinity as the source name).Easynews Step 1
  • Now return to the main menu and select SYSTEM once more.Browse To System in Kodi
  • Select AddonsSelect ADD-ONS in Kodi
  • Select install from Zip File.Choose Install from Zip File
  • Highlight and select Xunity, the source we originally setup.Easynews Step 2
  • Scroll down and select Xunitytalk_Repository.zipEasynews Step 3
  • You’ll get a notification that the repository has been successfully installed and you’ll be taken back to the same menu, this time choose Install From Repository.Install From Repository
  • If all went well you should see .XunityTalk Repository. Select it.Easynews Step 4
  • Inside the Xunitytalk repository scroll down and select Video AddonsEasynews Step 5
  • You should now see a large list of addons available. We’re looking for EasyNews. Highlight it and hit enter.Easynews Step 6
  • Choose Install.Easynews Step 7
  • Once complete you’ll get a notification in the lower right corner saying whether or not it was a success. Don’t leave this screen quite yet. We want to configure the Easynews addon. To do that bring up the context menu (“C” on most keyboards) and select Configure.Easynews Step 8
  • Under the Accounts tab you might as well turn off the pop up message you’ll be greeted with.Easynews Step 9
  • In the EasyNews Tab this is where you’ll enter in your information for your Easynews Account you registered for.Easynews Step 10
  • Finally scroll through the remaining tabs (Movies, TV Shows, etc) and turn off No Dialog For Preferred Extension.Easynews Step 11

You should be now setup to use Easynews within your Kodi setup. To use it all you need to do is visit your Video Addons section and select the Easynews plugin. If you’re familiar with the Kodi platform and have used previous addons like SALTs, Genesis, and Specto you can integrate Easynews with those addons.

A Warning

The Easynews service is efficient and one of the best in regards to reliable streaming. The issue arises if you’re a heavy streamer as the caps enforced on their accounts will limit you and could cost you an arm and a leg if you’re not careful.

I’m still a big believer in Real Debrid and it’s pricing but if you’re a serious usenet junkie this is one way you can get your fix, just be leary of the limits on the Easynews accounts.

If you have anymore usenet providers, please feel free to drop them in a comment below, I’d enjoy checking them out.

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