How To Watch MLB.TV in Kodi

Should you ever decide to cut the cable and go with a live streaming solution as your entertainment option the biggest obstacle you may face is finding some reliable options for sports streaming. In the past I’ve provided multiple options to find free options to get started but as such these typically end up dying, are less reliable, or the quality just downright sucks. Today, I’m going to show you how you can pay for a premium and legitimate service and enjoy the benefits of no down time and the best quality possible for watching Major League Baseball.

The addon wasn’t created by the MLB, but it does require you to use a premium subscription in order to get the full benefits. As of this writing you can typically get a full years worth of MLB watching for around $110 dollars U.S. If you watch a lot of baseball it’s more then worth it, if not you may want to settle with using Castaway or checking out the Pro Sport addon (please note that as of right now the MLB portion of Pro Sport is having issues and requires constant updating, I touch on this in the video above).


What You Need To Install MLB.TV For Kodi

You don’t need much to get going:

  • First and foremost some sort of box using Kodi. If you’re using an Android box like the Fire TV (Lowest Price) this will take a little more effort as you’ll have to us ES File Explorer to manually install the repository. I’ve got a good tutorial on how to do that here.
  • Next you’ll need an MLB.TV account, premium will allow you to watch all games but a free one will allow you to watch the free game of the day and possibly open you up for discounts on the service down the road.
  • Finally you simply need to download and install the repository from eracknaphobia, he has a forum thread here for updates and you can download the repository here.

Now that we have everything, let’s get started.

How To Install Plugin MLB.TV in Kodi

Now that we’ve got everything set, make sure you remember what your account details are and more importantly where you saved the repository.

Let’s get started.

  • First open up Kodi and scroll over until you see SYSTEMBrowse To System in Kodi
  • After opening this screen scroll down to ADD-ONSSelect ADD-ONS in Kodi
  • Inside of Addons we want to choose the option INSTALL FROM ZIP FILEChoose Install from Zip File
  • Now browse to where you downloaded and saved the eracknaphobia repository, click enter to install.MLB in Kodi, Step 1
  • You should get a notification saying the repository was installed successfully. Don’t leave this screen just yet, this time we want to select INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY.Install From Repository
  • We want to scroll down until we see eracknaphobia’s Repo, hit enter.MLB.TV in Kodi, Step 2
  • Inside of the repository, we want to select VIDEO ADD-ONS.MLBTV in Kodi, select Video Add-Ons
  • You should now see the option to select MLB.TV, hit enter and you’ll be greeted with a popup menu where you simply select the option to Install.Select MLB.TV and hit Install
  • If successful you should get a notification that it’s been installed and enabled. Before you leave this screen let’s configure the MLB.TV addon options where we will enter in our username and password. To do that hit “C” on your keyboard to bring up the context menu in Kodi. If you’re using a Fire TV, simply hit the menu button. A popup box should appear, select CONFIGURE.Select Configure to add your username and password in MLB.TV Kodi Addon
  • Finally you’ll be able to enter in your details for your subscription in the appropriate boxes. If you want to play around with some options you can check out the visual tab which allows you to change the quality of your stream (if your internet isn’t fast enough), select your favorite team and more!Enter in Your User Details and you'll be ready to go with the Kodi MLB.TV app
  • Finally hit OK, congratulations you’ve got the unofficial (but somewhat official) MLB.TV app installed and ready for use in Kodi.

Using the MLB.TV Addon in Kodi

If you’ve used any Kodi addon in the past this should be pretty straight forward. If not it’s simple. Start by going to the VIDEOS section in the home screen. From here a sub menu should popout where you can move down and select “ADD-ONS”. Hit enter and you’ll then be greeted with all the addons and plugins you’ve installed into Kodi.

Now simply browse to MLB.TV and hit enter. You should be greeted with this screen:
MLB.TV Intro Screen in Kodi

Choose which option you like, typically were looking for Todays games so hit enter and you should then be greeted with a list of all the games being played on today’s date. If you’re a premium subscriber you have access to all the games listed, but the MLB does provide one free game per day as well.
All the MLB games being played in the Kodi Addon

Wrapping Up

This MLB.TV app is a wonderful option if you’re a big baseball fan. It costs money but a one time payment (or monthly) still is a lot cheaper (and a lot more options) then a regular cable subscription. The lone problem associated with these types of official apps is the possibility of regional blackouts, you could be living 5 hours away from your favorite team and not be able to watch the game through the premium MLB.TV subscription and instead have to use your local cable channels.

If that’s the case you’ll also need to look at investing in a VPN and if you’ve been using Kodi for any extended period of time with the use of free 3rd party addons you should be using one anyways. We recently wrote a monster post on the best VPN’s to use with Kodi and will be having guides added to it as well moving forward. Check it out, the cost isn’t expensive for one and you’ll be able to avoid blackouts, open up national streaming services (like Netflix in another country), but more importantly protect yourself from any peering eyes who may be watching you online.

Good luck, if you enjoyed this tutorial or have troubles then drop a comment in the box below.

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