How To Install The Updated SportsDevil Plugin

One of the biggest challenges most cable cutters face is finding something reliable enough to replace live TV sports. I understand not everyone watches or cares for sports availability but it is arguably the hardest thing to replace when you go out and finally cancel your expensive cable bill. After having spent endless hours searching and searching I found a handful of services (both premium and free) that have helped me finally integrate a fully featured sports setup into my Kodi media player.

But this post isn’t about all those plugins, this is about how to get the majority of your favorite sports in one plugin…that plugin being SportsDevil.

The SportsDevil addon has been around along time but it eventually stopped being developed by the original addon owner. Thankfully the great people at the TVAddons community picked up where it left off and have gotten a more reliable and efficient sports plugin working. The biggest problem facing SportsDevil is it’s lack of repository, meaning if you want to install it you’re going to have to get your hands a little dirtier then usual. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard, in fact if you’ve been using Kodi for awhile now chances are you’ve installed an addon by physically downloading it and installing it from your hard drive (instead of using Fusion to install addons).

Ready to get started?

Installing SportsDevil For Kodi

You don’t need much to get this addon installed but you’ll most likely want to keep tabs on it for updates.

You’ll need:

  • Kodi installed on something.
  • A copy of SportsDevil downloaded onto your device. To find it check out this thread on the TV Addons Forum.

I’m going to use the Hubbab3 plugin for this example, if you’ve visited that page you should see it as the first one to download. With the frequent changes to the addon itself it’s important to check this regularly for updates or if you notice SportsDevil not working (or working as well) then check out the thread above and check for an update.

Once you’ve downloaded the SportsDevil it’s as simple as

  • Open KODI and scroll the the SYSTEM menu and hit ENTER.
  • Scroll down to the ADD-ONS option and hit ENTER.
  • This time we want to INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE.
  • This will change depending on what device you’re using this on. I’m going to leave it up to you to figure this out, if you’re having trouble you can check out my optional solution listing below. Remember where you downloaded and saved the SportsDevil zip file. In my case I had to open the “C” drive and browse to my download folder on my windows computer. Once I found the file I selected it and hit enter to install.
  • You should now get a notification that SportsDevil has been installed.

I realize this isn’t going to be the same for everyone who has a Kodi installation. For users with Mac or Windows setup boxes it’s fairly straight forward using the file system, you just need to know where you downloaded the plugin. For Android/Linux users you will probably need to do a little more digging but the best thing I’ve found for this is simply installing it on a USB stick and accessing and installing that way.

Another Way To Install SportsDevil on Kodi

*Please use this idea at your own risk, I take no responsibility for any legal issues that may (or can) arise from this*

If you’re like so many others using Kodi then chances are you have more then one box setup in your house using it. When you find a new useful plugin chances are you want to install it on every Kodi box you have. With addons like SportsDevil where you have to download and install it can get a little tiresome physically downloading on each box or moving your USB to install.

A suggestion would be to setup your own file server and upload the zip file to these directories. This way you can add your own source in “File Manager” on each device and move files to and from this directory as you see fit.

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