How To Install StreamStorm IPTV Addon

The world of Kodi is an ever changing one and it’s hard a lot of the time to keep up on all the new and old addons that come and go. Lately the biggest Kodi craze has been finding a reliable IPTV addon that provides basic cable television to those who cut the cord. In the past couple posts I’ve talked about a couple of plugins you could use to add to your library that will help expand your basic cable selection. Most of these addons are wonderful when they work well but because it’s laying in that grey area of legality a lot of them get left behind shortly after their creation. Keeping up on them can be time consuming so to help you out I’ve provided another tutorial to another service, this one called StreamStorm TV.

The StreamStorm IPTV addon is very similar in functionality to the Dexter IPTV Tutorial I wrote about the other day. The plugin author makes no bones about it and most people who are pushing out these IPTV addons are creating them but using other peoples sources. This has led to a lot of problems with the actual developers who create and host the actual TV streams. In most cases the ones who create the actual streams end up getting pissed off and shutting down (or going premium) which results in the death of multiple addons.

For most users of Kodi though this isn’t very obvious so hopefully with a handful of rock solid IPTV addons being released they will have a longer life expectancy. Rest assured for the addons that do go down you can check back here as I’ll provide tutorials for the ones I can find.

That being said let’s get started installing StreamStorm on Kodi.


Installing StreamStorm IPTV Addon In Kodi

Like most of my tutorials I will run through the prerequisites. With addons you don’t need anything special other then

  • A Kodi Media Player
  • An internet connection of course
  • The StreamStorm Repo source provided below

Simple stuff, now the fun part and actually installing the plugin.

Tutorial to Install StreamStorm TV

If you’ve installed a plugin or repository before this is as straight forward as it comes. For a beginner I’ve provided steps below to get you set on the right path. Let’s begin shall we.

  • First open up Kodi and from the main screen (I’m using the default theme Confluence) you want to scroll until you see SYSTEM. Under SYSTEM you want to select FILE MANAGER and hit enter.
  • From here you want to select ADD SOURCE at the bottom and hit enter.
  • Move your mouse or highlight where it says and hit enter. You should be greeted with a popup that allows you to enter the path of the repo we need to add. Once there simply enter in “” (without quotes) into the empty field and click done or hit enter.
  • Where it asks to “Enter a name for this media source” hit enter and type in something like .STREAMSTORM. I typically add a period in from of all my repo names just so they appear at the top of the list when I open the next step.
  • If you didn’t recieve any errors you’ve got the repo install. Now exit to the main screen and once again go to SYSTEM. Hit enter on it or the SETTINGS option in the sub menu.
  • Scroll down to ADD-ONS and hit enter.
  • Select INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE and move to the .STREAMSTORM link and hit enter.
  • Inside here you should see a file named “”. Highlight it and hit enter.If successful you’ll get a notification in the bottom right saying the repository has been enabled.
  • Back at the Add-Ons screen this time we want to browse to INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY. Choose it and hit enter.
  • Look for the STREAMSTORM REPO option and hit enter to open it.
  • Choose VIDEO ADD-ONS, then select STREAMSTORM TV. You’ll be greeted with another popup, simply click INSTALL on it and it will start to download.
  • Once complete you should get a notification saying so. Congratulations you’ve now got StreamStorm TV installed.

Now that the plugin has been installed the next step is to try it out.

How To Use StreamStorm TV with Kodi

Like any other addon this is very straight forward. To use it all you have to do is navigate from the home screen to the VIDEOS section and then choose ADD-ONS in the sub menu. Once that is open all of the plugins you’ve installed will show up in this list. All you need to do know is find StreamStormTV and open it.

Inside of the plugin you will find a layout similar to what is on DexterIPTV and for all I know these could be the same sources being used. It’s nice to have options and this provides a reliable one. Browse channels by category, select one and try and open it. There’s a good chance that some of the channels won’t work but they’ve been fairly stable the last couple weeks.

If you’re looking for a reliable IPTV solution StreamStormTV, Daffy, or DexterIPTV can all help you. Be sure to check them out or if you have any other be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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