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A few days back I talked about the re-energized additions of the Icefilms XBMC plugin and I figured I should probably include a quick tutorial on how to accomplish the same thing with another top flight plugin. 1Channel XBMC essentially accomplishes the same thing as Icefilms but (and you may notice this already) while Icefilms itself is still technically recovering from the Megaupload raid and a ton of data loss 1Channel has kept puttering along offering top notch content from a wide array of sources.


What does 1channel XBMC do?

If you’re familiar with it you already know what both these plugins do. If you don’t then be sure to watch the video above to get a better idea. Similar to Icefilms it provides another extension of media for your XBMC library. I’ve found from reading a handful of reviews that while 1Channel and Icefilms each offer similar functions they both differ in a few ways.

1channel XBMC1Channel very rarely is missing much content. If you’ve just recently gotten into a show like Californication you’ll notice on Icefilms that while each season may (or may not) be displayed it is missing a handful of episodes. 1Channel on the other hand seems to not be missing much, if anything at all.

If you’re a stickler for HD content you’ll probably have more success using Icefilms.

As far as sources go 1Channel will provide you with a lot more options to choose from. Icefilms typically has three to five sources in it’s list but all tend to be fairly reliable. 1Channel on the other hand offers a lot more variety from numerous sources on the web but still at times it’s very limited to what works or works well. You’ll notice when you use the plugin some are highlighted in yellow…these are the sources you’ll want to try first and foremost for the best playback.

Installing XBMC 1Channel

Installing the 1Channel XBMC plugin is almost entirely the same as Icefilms, you’ll just need to use a different repository. You’re requirements are as follows:

Broadband Internet Connection
Install XBMC Fusion
Add the Bstrdsmkr’s zip Repository

Copied from our previous post you’ll want to follow these steps to install Fusion first and then install 1Channel.

Step 1: Open XBMC on your device of choice.
Step 2: Navigate to the “System” menu in select the File Manager subsection
Step 3: In the File Manager menu you’ll want to click “Add Source”
Step 4: Click on the text box that says “” and “http://fusion.xbmchub.com” without the quotes. Click done and then enter a name where it asks “Enter a name for this media source”, the name Fusion is usually a solid choice.
Step 5: Click OK.

That’s it to install Fusion.

Step 1:Back at the main menu navigate to the SYSTEM menu once more and this time select “Settings”.
Step 2:Once in the settings section you’ll want to move down and select “Add-Ons”.
Step 3:Select “Install From Zip File”.
Step 4:In the popout menu from the right you’ll want to choose “Fusion” of course.
Step 5:A bunch of folders hould show up, you’ll want to scroll down and select video, then repositories.
Step 6:Inside the video repositories folder you’ll want to click/hit enter the 1channel-repository.bstrdsmkr zip file.
Step 7:You should be taken back to the Add-Ons section, this time you’ll want to click/hit enter on “Get Add-Ons”.
Step 8:Inside here you should see “bstrdsmkr repository”, hit enter and inside select “Video Add-ons”.
Step 9:Click or hit enter on 1Channel and you should notice it download and install, once it’s finished it should say enabled beside it.
Step 10:Navigate back to the XBMC main menu, under VIDEOS choose Add-Ons and select 1Channel and you should be up and running.

Media Media Media

With both these plugins installed you shouldn’t have any problems finding something to watch. Both allow a wide array of content with numerous sources to choose from. While neither one is perfect (pretty close) by themselves adding both the 1Channel Icefilms and Icefilms individually together you’ll then be basking in perfection.


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