How To Watch Live Sports With Kodi Pro Sport

It’s an ongoing battle. If you joined the hundreds of thousands of people who have cut their cable in favor of streaming devices like Kodi or the FireTV you’ve quite possibly come across the problem of finding a reliable streaming source for sports. For some it’s not a big issue but every now and then you might have company that wants to watch the big game and you’re left scrambling trying to see if you can find some solution that doesn’t involve using the old fashioned TV rabbit ears. I’ve spent a few articles showing valid options and today I’m here to announce another new one that has been a huge hit early on.

Introducing Kodi Pro Sport! Currently maintained by the great podgod it currently scans for the latest streams in certain sports. Right now it only boasts the NHL, NFL and NBA but it has been talked about that there will be more sports being added in the future.

The biggest issue with all these addons is their life span. A few months ago I wrote about how to install Hockeystreams in Kodi. At the time it was the most reliable solution for people looking to find NHL streams without suffering through the NHL’s strange blackout policy. Shortly after that post it all but appears that Hockeystreams is dead.

Truth be told there is no guarantee with sports (or any) addon for that matter and while Kodi Pro Sport is working wonderfully at the moment it may not be so in even a week from today. If you enjoy an addon, please donate to the developer (if possible) to help the longevity and show you appreciate the hard work they do for free.

If you’re interested in testing this out, follow this simple how to guide.


How To Install the PodGod Repository in Kodi

You’re going to need to install the podgod repository in order for this to work. The easiest way to do this is through the wonderful addon called Fusion. Please follow this guide to get it installed and then continue below.

  • Open up Kodi, and scroll to your SYSTEM (or SYSTEM/SETTINGS) menu and hit enter.sytem
  • From here scroll down to ADD-ONS.Installing Kodi Pro Sport
  • Next we want to INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE.Install From Zip File
  • If you’ve installed FUSION like suggested then click it.Step 4, installing podgod by Fusion
  • Inside of the Fusion addon you should see three options, we want to go the folder XBMC-REPOS.Step 5, installing podgod by Fusion
  • Choose the ENGLISH option.Step 6, installing podgod by Fusion
  • Once in here you’ll be greeted with all the repositories included in the fusion addon. Scroll down until you see (as this gets updated the version number may change).Step 7, installing podgod by Fusion

You’ve now installed the PodGod repository, now we simply just need to install the actual addon which is just as simple to do.

How To Install the Kodi Pro Sport Addon

With the podgod repositiory installed and enabled the next and final step is to install the actual Pro Sport addon. This plugin scans Reddit for the latest streams posted and while most have had good success with it please keep an open mind that it may have down times.

Here’s how we get up and running to watch NHL, NBA, and NFL streams.

  • Go to the SYSTEM menu.System menu in Kodi
  • From here we want to once more go to ADD-ONS.Step 2 to install Phillips Hue in Kodi
  • Instead of choosing install from zip file, this time we want to INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY.Step 8, how to install pro sport in Kodi
  • Inside of here we should see a list of repositories that have been installed into your Kodi setup. Scroll down until you find the PODGOD REPO.Step 9, installing the pod god repo
  • Next select VIDEO ADD-ONS.Step 10, installing pro sport in Kodi
  • Finally we should see a list of all the available video addons in podgod’s repository. Scroll down until you see PRO SPORT and hit enter. You should then get a notification that Pro sport has been installed.Step 11 how to install Pro Sport in Kodi

You should now have the Kodi Pro Sport plugin installed. Now it’s time to use and test it.

How to use the Kodi Pro Sport Addon

Using the plugin is no more difficult then any other one. If you’re using the default Kodi theme (confluence) then simply scroll down to the VIDEOS sub section and choose “ADD-ONS”. Inside of here will be the list of all your addons that you currently have installed in your Kodi setup.

All you need to do from here is browse to Pro Sport and hit enter. Once inside you should see options for NBA, NHL, and NFL live games but there is also an archive of games broadcasted. It’s been rumored depending on development that you should see the MLB here when it returns in the spring.

If you have any questions or problems please leave a comment below.

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