Tutorial on How To Install Cast A Way

There’s been a great deal of addons and addon developers leaving popular Kodi plugins behind as the headaches associated with providing tech support, maintenance and other concerns surface. It’s a normal cycle it seems. While many struggle to find replacements for plugins they have been using for years it’s sometimes a good thing as many new addons get born out of this. Sports on Kodi has always been one of the hottest topics and many plugins have come and gone. Today, another new one has been released at TV addons which I’m here to show you how to install and a small review.

An abundance of sports plugins have hit the market as of late, some free some premium. For the longest time a lot of users had been using SportsDevil to watch sports on Kodi. It still works today but it can be a little more tedious then your typical Fusion addon. Sportsdevil requires you to manually update the plugin each time an update is released. While not a major inconvenience for getting free content it can be cumbersome for those not familiar with using Kodi. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to learn how to use ES File Explorer to install addons.

Fortunately there has been some new sports related plugins released within the Kodi community. A little while back I wrote about how you could install Kodi Pro Sport to watch high quality streams which has been great for watching live NHL hockey.

Today we’ll show you how you can install an addon called Cast A Way which has a very similar feel to the Sportsdevil plugin.

Cast A Way for Kodi can provide you with a wide assortment of available sports streams but similar to Sportsdevil they may not all work and the quality on some could be less then desirable. But of course it’s still free and if you’re looking for your favorite team it’s worth a shot.

Let’s Install Cast A Way Sports Plugin on Kodi

What you’ll need:

  • Some sort of Kodi player with Kodi installed (obviously).
  • You’ll want the Fusion addon installed. Click here to learn how.

Installing the Plugin is easy with Fusion

If you’ve managed to install Fusion and installed an addon within the program installer this should be a very straight forward guide for you. Here are a couple simple steps on where to find and install it from the Fusion addon (if you don’t know have Fusion, click here to install).

  • From the Kodi home menu browse to PROGRAMS and hit enter.How To Install Cast A Way in Kodi, Step 1
  • Inside of the programs sub menu you should see an option labelled ADDON INSTALLER. Open that by hitting enter.How To Install Cast A Way in Kodi, Step 2
  • Within the addon installer you have two options to install (as long as the addon remains with TV Addons). The easiest is selected FEATURED ADDONS. Click this to enter. The other method is to browse all available addons by selecting the VIDEO ADD-ONS. This is organized alphabetically.How To Install Cast A Way in Kodi, Step 3
  • Within the Featured Addons sub section you should now see CAST A WAY. Click it to open.How To Install Cast A Way in Kodi, Step 4
  • Finally you simply need to click the only option in here, hit INSTALL to begin the installation. You should noticed the addon being downloaded and installed. If all goes according to plan you’ll be greeted with a confirmation that it was successful and brought to you by TV Addons.How To Install Cast A Way in Kodi, Step 6

Congratulations you’ve now installed the sports addon Cast A Way for Kodi. To use this addon all you need to do know is visit the VIEDOS menu from the Kodi home screen and select “Add-Ons” from the drop down sub menu (assuming you’re still using the default confluence theme).

Browse the menus and play around with it and before you know it you’ll be watching Superbowl 50 on Kodi.

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