How To Install TVTunes For Kodi

I’m always trying to find ways to add more of a “WOW” factor with my Kodi installs and late last night I stumbled across one that I thought was pretty cool. The addon is called TVTunes and all it really does is add the TV theme song and play it while your browsing the episodes or seasons of your favorite TV shows. It’s not something that will greatly enhance the performance or some cool little trick but I thought it was something that could have your friends or family thinking that it was pretty neat. It’s been around for awhile but I figured I would write this tutorial as some (such as myself) may not have heard about it.

TVTunes is very easy to install. You don’t need to add any other repositories because it’s an official Kodi addon and is hosted through their own directory.


Installing TVTunes For Kodi Step By Step Tutorial

The only requirements you need

  • A Box with Kodi Installed
  • An Internet Connection

To get started first fire up whatever device you’re running Kodi on. I’m assuming you will be using the default theme that comes with Kodi 15, Confluence to make it easier to explain.

From here all we have to do is as follows:

  • From the home screen browse to the SYSTEM menu and hit enter.
  • Choose the ADD-ONS option on this screen.
  • From here you want to choose INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY.
  • Inside this page you should see an option that says KODI ADD-ON REPOSITORY, select this and hit enter. If you don’t see this you may need to back out of the existing menu you’re in, to do this simply scroll to the top and press enter on the two periods option “..”.
  • You’ll need to scroll down a little until you find PROGRAM ADD-ONS, hit enter once it’s highlighted.
  • There should be a huge list of add-ons available on this screen but they are listed alphabetical making it easy to find the one we’re looking for, TvTunes. Once you find it select it and hit enter. You should be greeted with a pop-up giving you the ability to click INSTALL.
  • You should get a notification saying the add-on has been enabled, it was that easy!

Now that TVTunes is installed in our Kodi installation it’s time to start associating it with the TV Shows we’ve saved or we’re watching.

Configuring TVTunes to Work With Kodi

Unfortunately if you’re just using Kodi with streaming plugins like Genesis it technically won’t work (at least not that I’ve found). You’ll need to use your personal library which is usually found under the menu section “TV SHOWS”. While that might be discouraging for some the good news with Genesis is with a little configuration you can implement your favorite TV shows into your personal library with that addon. I’ve written and provided a video tutorial how to integrate Genesis content into your personal library here. If you’re strictly using Genesis and want to use TVTunes I suggest following that tutorial first and come back to this one once you’ve finished.

Adding TV Songs To Your Kodi Install Tutorial

Now that we have the plugin installed it’s time to start adding songs to associate. If you’ve got a big library you might want to grab a drink as it’s going to take a little while to complete this as you have to do each show 1 by 1. Here’s how to start:

  • From the home screen browse to the menu option “TV SHOWS” and hit enter.
  • You should have a view of your current TV shows library. Highlight the first (or one of your choosing) show and bring up the context menu by pressing “C” on a keyboard. If you’re using another device I’ll leave it in your hands that you know how to bring up the context menu.
  • When the context menu appears you should see an option for “TVTUNES”, select it and hit enter.
  • The add-on will run an initial search to try and match the tune to your selected TV show. If it’s successful you should see an option pop up. If not you’ll be greeted with a “Search Using …” option. If this is the case hit enter on that option.
  • From here you’re provided a few options. The add-on usually searching on it’s initial search so if you’re forced to click “Search Using” then your best bet is to search for the song using or You can select either one individually or choose the option “**Search Using All Sites (May Be Slow) **.
  • When you make a choice and hit enter the plugin will start searching the website to find something to match the show. Find one in the list that you think matches and hit ENTER.
  • Once you’ve made a selection the song will preview it and you’ll be forced to make a choice. A box will pop up asking you “Download this one?” where you can choose yes or no. If it matches choose yes…if you want something else choose no, duh!
  • That’s it, now just rinse and repeat for every show you have.

Presto, that’s all you have to do to add just a little more flare to your Kodi installation.

A Final Thought

My Kodi install currently is streaming content from a dedicated server meaning I have ample space. TVTunes physically downloads these songs and stores them on wherever your media content is streaming from. So if you’re a FireTV owner and don’t have external storage these songs will save on the device itself. It will work but a lot of these smaller Android and set top devices have little storage making this just remove that much more free space.

If you’ve got a NAS I highly recommend this add-on though, it’s simple and will add a little bit of excitement for your television shows.

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