How To Watch Live UFC in Kodi with UFC’s Finest

UFC 207 is upon us and it is shaping up to be a great event. If you find yourself looking for a quality stream or perhaps are just an avid fan looking to follow the UFC on your Kodi setup then follow the guide below and get started with the best streaming addon for UFC content.


How To Install UFC’s Finest (Video)

How To Install UFC’s Finest (Written)

With the looming release of Kodi 17 we’ve updated some of our guides to include ways on how you can install Kodi in version 16 and below and version 17 and above. Version 17 Krypton comes with a complete overhaul which includes a new default skin. You can resort back to using confluence should the new skin be to confusing.

Installing UFC’s Finest in Kodi 16 and below

  • Open Kodi and Browse to SYSTEM->FILE MANAGER
  • We want to select ADD SOURCE.
  • Where it says you’ll want to highlight that and hit enter.
  • Type in the source and hit enter or select enter.
  • In the input box where it asks for a name simply type in something you’ll remember for a later step. TIP: We usuially name all our sources with a leading period so they all stay organized and show above the default Kodi folders and shortcuts. In this example let’s name it .CommunityRepo.
  • Now back out/escape out to you Kodi homescreen. This time browse to SYSTEM and hit enter.
  • Scroll down to the ADD-ONS menu item and hit enter.
  • Choose Install From Zip File
  • A popup should appear allowing you to select the repo we named earlier, in our example it’s .CommunityRepo
  • Simply select
  • Wait for the notification the the Community Repository has been enabled
  • Now select Install from repository.
  • Select The Community Repository
  • Choose Video add-ons
  • Select UFC Finest
  • Choose Install
  • You should get notification that the add-on has been enabled, congratulations you now have the finest UFC addon working.

To test, go back to the home Kodi screen, browse to Videos and Select Add-Ons. Inside you should find UFC Finest and inside a handful of menu options. For the latest UFC events check simply use the UFC Live option.

Installing UFC’s Finest in Kodi 17 and above

As of this writing Kodi 17 is close to launch. Previous versions have remained the same in regards to installation of plugins and addons but with Kodi 17 comes a new default skin which will change a lot on where everything is to install. Below is how to install UFC Finest through the default skin of Kodi 17.

  • Open Kodi, underneath the Kodi logo in the top left will be a gear icon, select and hit enter
  • Scroll to File manager.
  • Scroll down to Add source and hit enter.
  • Where it says highlight and hit enter.
  • Enter the following, and select OK
  • Under Enter a name for this media source, type in a name and remember. TIP: We enter all our names with a leading period, for this example we chose .CommunityRepo
  • Return to the Kodi home screen
  • Move down to the Add-Ons menu item and hit enter.
  • In the top left you should see a box looking icon, select and hit enter
  • Choose Install from zip file.
  • If this is your first time using Kodi you may get an error message saying unknown sources are disabled (If not please continue to next step). Hit Settings and toggle the Unknown sources option to the right.
  • Click Yes on the pop up warning.
  • Go back and once again choose Install From zip file.
  • Choose the repository you just entered, in our case we chose .CommunityRepo
  • Select and hit enter or select OK.
  • Wait for the notification the repository has been enabled.
  • Choose Install from repository.
  • Choose The Community Repository.
  • Choose Video add-ons
  • Choose UFC Finest
  • Choose Install
  • Wait for the add-on installation to provide you with a notification it’s been installed.
  • To use visit the Add-ons/Video Add-ons section and you should see UFC Finest, open and enjoy!

If you’re still having problems please view the video above, drop a comment below or leave a comment on our Youtube channel. We’ll do our best to help you out and solve the problem.

A Final Forewarning on how to protect yourself online watching these streams

With any illegal (free and not paid) streams it’s important to protect your identity online to prevent any possible repercussions, lawsuits or trouble in the future. If you’re a regular Kodi user streaming content from third part sources like the one above we urge everyone to invest a small amount of money into a VPN (Virtual Private Network). We’ve narrowed down our selection for 5 options for VPN usage but we highly recommend (in no order) the following.

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