WWE Network For Kodi Is Launched

After cutting the cable about a month ago I’ve been searching endlessly to track down addon’s that will help me replace my old television package. Things like NHL Centre Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket, and channels like Food Network and Discovery ID we’re all on my search list which I’ve since found. As a casual watcher of the occasional WWE Network channel about a year back I didn’t hold out much hope to find something Kodi compatible until today.

Over at the official Kodi forums one of their users “bay_wolf” released a plugin to do just that. The plugin itself isn’t a robust solution and there are errors as noted by bay_wolf but at the end of the day it works.

Install the WWE Network on Kodi

At this moment bay_wolf has uploaded a ZIP file containing the plugin. You’ll have to rely on doing it the old fashioned way and downloading to your device (or through a file explorer where you can connect your dropbox) to install.

Download Zip: http://speedy.sh/yGjdZ/plugin.video.wwen.1.2.0.zip

After download things should be pretty straight forward. Go to SYSTEM, then SETTINGS, and then select ADD-ONS. From inside the add-ons selection screen you’ll want to choose “Install From Zip File” and then simply browse to the location to where you saved the downloaded zip.

Once complete you should see a notice saying so, otherwise you’ll want to check out the official Kodi forums through the link above for troubleshooting.

If you’ve installed the plugin with no problems you’ll need to configure it first before use. The WWE Network plugin for Kodi is a premium plugin meaning you need to subscribe to the actual service in order for it to work. The monthly costs is $11.99.

That being said there may be plugins out there that provide you a free option. I personally haven’t found one and at the end of the day a premium sub is going to provide better results. If you’re looking to or have already cut the cable and having the WWE Network is essential then the small monthly fee is really not to much to ask.

Please note with the plugin though that it isn’t bug free. There are some quirky things happening here and there but it plays the live stream quite well and does have access to all the video on demand content. As mentioned on the forums there isn’t any error handling so you might possibly end up smashing it but so far I haven’t had to many problems with it (it’s only been a few hours though).

Know anymore plugins for WWE Network? Drop them in the comments below.

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