How To Add More Sports to Pro Sport in Kodi

This tutorial has been long overdue but thankfully it’s a simple one for any of you out there looking to add more sports to your Kodi experience. The past few tutorials I’ve spent a great deal of time writing about how you can get sports installed and up and running with the Pro Sport addon but the plugin itself was limited to the four North American major sports. Now today, we’re fully capable of adding whatever sports we like into it and I’ll show you how below.

Important note: Kodi is fighting to combat box sellers who sell and advertise third party addons. We ask that you kindly ask your support questions here if you have issues with the addons. While we don’t sell pre-loaded boxes we are willing to help any and all who need help with third party plugins. Please ask below or feel free to do so on our YouTube Channel.

Moving forward.

There isn’t much you need to do to get this working in Kodi. But just in case you haven’t already done so you’ll need to have Pro Sport Installed in Kodi. If you haven’t got Pro Sport installed then you’ll need to install the wonderful addon called Fusion, to do so follow this guide.

The next important step is to understand Reddit.

The way the Pro Sport addon works is it simply scans some of Reddit’s sub-reddits to find streams available. The plugin comes equipped with the four major North American sports already pre-installed so to speak. Today let’s figure out how we can add both Soccer (for us North Americans) and MMA.

Getting Started adding MMA to Kodi Pro Sport

  • First thing we need to do is open Kodi and open Pro Sport.
  • From here it’s pretty simple, scroll down until you see MY SUBREDDITSAdd Your Own Sports in Pro Sport for Kodi Step 1
  • If you haven’t added any before (which of course you haven’t) click on Add New Subreddit.Add Your Own Sports in Pro Sport for Kodi Step 2
  • Now we just need to add the name of the subreddit we’ll be using. This is totally up to you and your best bet is to scour Reddit to find what you’re looking for. In this case as an example we’ll be using MMAStreams, so enter that into the box and press done or hit enter. If you’d like to filter out some of the extra junk/posts within this subreddit you can add a search pattern. For example in the text box you could enter “soccerstreams:Match Thread” and it should filter out all other posts except for those with Match Thread within it.Add Your Own Sports in Pro Sport for Kodi Step 3
  • Now that it’s been added we simply click the Subreddit we just added and hit enter. Depending on the time of day you may see posts, you may not. A lot of streams won’t show up until the actual time of the event.Add Your Own Sports in Pro Sport for Kodi Step 4

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